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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021
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People over 60 mislaid scarcely $1 billion in online frauds and scams final year, according to a news from a FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) expelled today.

The remarkable need to emporium online and a fear of COVID-19 done comparison Americans even some-more of a aim for scammers and criminals than they had been in a past.

For example, a pestilence compulsory many comparison people to emporium online for a initial time, and non-delivery of products was one of a common rascal schemes that comparison victims experienced, a news said.

“The multiple of online selling and amicable media creates easy venues for scammers to post fake advertisements,” a news said. “Many victims news grouping equipment from links advertised on amicable media and possibly receiving zero during all or receiving something totally distinct a advertised item.”

The many common scams opposite seniors in 2020 were:

  1. Extortion
  2. Non-Payment/Non-Delivery
  3. Tech Support Fraud
  4. Identity Theft

Why Older Adults are Vulnerable

As a flourishing partial of a U.S. population, comparison people are an appealing aim for fraudsters and scammers.

This demographic tends to have some-more financial stability, that creates them a aim for criminals looking to make discerning profit. Older Americans might be some-more simply intimidated or lonely, creation it harder for them to get help.

Learn More and Protect Your Loved Ones

Older people might know to be heedful of earthy crimes (like always locking their doors). But they might not have a same turn of recognition to strengthen themselves opposite scams. That’s because families and caregivers should be wakeful of a risks and let people know how to news suspected crimes.

The FBI and a partners work to examine many scams and crimes opposite comparison people, though impediment and recognition are critical. Whether it’s tricking someone into apropos a income jackass or perplexing to remonstrate them they won a self-existent “lottery,” savvy criminals know how to chase on their victims.

On this World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, revisit a FBI elder rascal page to learn about common rascal schemes that aim comparison people as good as unsentimental tips on how to strengthen yourself or your desired ones from scammers.

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