This is Biden’s seven-point plan for tackling the pandemic

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The news: President Biden has said it will take a “wartime effort” to tackle the covid-19 pandemic as he unveiled a seven-point plan on his first full day in the job. He pledged to be guided by science, and to make transparency and accountability core values for his administration’s response. The plan is a distillation of a 200-page strategy document which sets out his intentions, some of which have already started to be put into action through executive orders. Thousands of Americans are currently dying of covid-19 every day, and the US death toll is just weeks away from reaching half a million, so the task could not be more urgent. 

So what’s the plan?

Now comes the action: Biden has already put some of this into practice, signing 10 executive orders yesterday. They include a new requirement for Americans to wear masks on public transport, the creation of the Pandemic Testing Board, and an order for new guidance to be created for schools and businesses. But he still faces significant political obstacles, with uncertainty over whether Republicans in Congress will agree to pass a $1.9 trillion relief package to pay for the measures.

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