Terminator Dark Fate director Tim Miller says no to working with James Cameron in future

Terminator: Dark Fate tim miller james cameron
Terminator: Dark Fate tim miller james cameron Terminator: Dark Fate has been a box office bomb.

Terminator Dark Fate is only the latest film in the storied science-fiction franchise to bomb at the box office. Tim Miller, Deadpool helmer who directed the film, says he will not work with James Cameron in future. However, he clarifies, his decision has nothing to do with his experience of directing Dark Fate.

Cameron is the progenitor of the franchise and the director of the first two films, and also a co-producer on Dark Fate.

While speaking to Kim Masters, the host of KCRW’s The Business, Miller said in an answer to a question asking whether he will work with Cameron again, “No, but it has nothing to do with whatever trauma I have from the experience, it’s more that I just don’t want to be in a situation again where I don’t have the control to do what I think is right.”

“The things they seemed to hate the most about the movie, were things I can’t control. I can’t control you didn’t like Genysis or you felt betrayed by Terminator 4. I can’t help that,” added Miller.

Despite its box office failure, Dark Fate has received mostly positive reviews. It holds a 71 per cent rating at review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus reads, “Terminator: Dark Fate represents a significant upgrade over its immediate predecessors, even if it lacks the thrilling firepower of the franchise’s best installments.”

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The Indian Express film critic Shalini Langer gave the film two stars. She wrote, “More than the future, Dark Fate is prescient about the present. It looks for answers in Mexico (spending a good time there), gets its sexual politics right, and suggests that down whichever road we go, we may be headed for the same end. Carl calculates that as things exist, there is “74% chance of humanity descending into barbarism”. You may snigger at that figure, but perhaps not at another one: in this Terminator timeline, a dystopian future is less than 25 years away.”

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