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Remembering 9/11
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Immediately after a attacks, a FBI’s tip pursuit was to brand a enemy and forestall another incident. Experts in terrorism, justification collection, and other specialties worked feverishly to establish what had happened and who was responsible. The FBI also concurrent with a partners in law coercion and a comprehension village domestically and abroad as it launched a many desirous review ever.

Within minutes, officials during FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., activated a Strategic Information and Operations Center. By a finish of a day, a FBI had determined authority posts for any of a 3 pile-up sites.

Thousands of agents interviewed witnesses and sources. They tracked down clues and tips worldwide to establish what had happened, who did it, and how destiny acts could be prevented. The FBI started identifying a 19 terrorists within hours.

Then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III pennyless with slight and formed a large review out of FBI Headquarters instead of a margin office. The PENTTBOM Team—short for Pennsylvania, Pentagon, and Twin Towers Bombing—coordinated a review out of a groundwork office, where dozens of agents would build a box opposite those responsible. 

The case, that stays open, suggested unusual acts of bravery and selflessness among a spectrum of responders. And it perpetually altered a approach a FBI works with law coercion and comprehension village partners to keep Americans protected in a U.S. and abroad.

“Because of that terrible day, starting in 2001 underneath a care of Director Mueller, a FBI remade itself in ways that have done us stronger and better—and a nation safer,” Director Christopher Wray pronounced in 2019 during a revisit to a National Sep 11 Memorial Museum in New York City.

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