Nikola Badger EV pickup reservations open – now to figure out who’s building it

Nikola Motor has begun holding reservations for a Badger electric pickup, with a choice of hydrogen fuel-cell expostulate assisting heed a lorry from arriving rivals like a Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 EV. The initial consumer indication from Nikola, a automaker is improved famous for a Class 8 electric haulage plans, nonetheless there are still a lot of relocating tools to figure out before a Badger pickup is anywhere nearby intensity owners’ garages.

The electric pickup space looks set to get engaging in a subsequent integrate of years, as entrants from automakers determined and new give drivers a opposite appetite source option. Most we’ve seen announced or teased will rest on a sincerely customary battery-electric drivetrain, nonetheless Nikola’s Badger takes a opposite route.

Instead, it combines BEV with hydrogen fuel-cell – or during slightest that’s a theory, given so distant all we have are renders of a due vehicle. The maxed-out Badger FCEV will have adult to 600 miles of range, Nikola suggests – half from a battery and half from a fuel-cell – and start during $80,000. That’s before any incentives or sovereign taxation credits.

A Badger BEV, meanwhile, will not embody a fuel-cell and instead run usually on battery power. That will be charged adult in a standard BEV way, approaching to be adult to 250kW DC quick charging. Nikola says it will have adult to 300 miles of range, and start from $60,000. Unusually, Nikola expects to be means to ascent BEV-only versions of a pickup to FCEV after on.

The strategy, Nikola authority Trevor Milton claims, is to offer a FCEV chronicle in locations where there’s some determined hydrogen fuel infrastructure. That echoes a launch proceed we’ve seen Toyota, Honda, and others take as they commercialized fuel-cell vehicles, nonetheless it means usually a tiny handful of states will be means to support refueling a Badger FCEV’s hydrogen tank. That’ll embody California and Arizona, nonetheless partial of Nikola’s haulage plan is to build out a network of hydrogen stations itself.

Somewhat unusually, Nikola isn’t charity opposite trim levels for a trucks. Indeed, a primary preference is possibly to go BEV or full FCEV, nonetheless a automaker also has 3 packages that embody things like entrance to a “Nikola World 2020” eventuality after this year. All versions of a lorry will have a same 455 continual horsepower, and 8,000 pounds of towing capacity, Milton says.

The $250 to $5,000 deposition compulsory with reservations – and that depends, among other factors, on how early in line we wish to be – is refundable adult until a indicate where prolongation begins, Nikola says. At that stage, reservation owners will get to select things like final specs and colors. Milton says blue, white-gray, green, and black are a primarily designed tone options.

Still, it’s a risk on a new and untested automaker. Nikola hopes to start public of a Class 8 haulage products in a work-in-progress trickery in Arizona, with a initial proviso of execution approaching someday in 2021. Actual prolongation there, though, won’t start until a second proviso of plant construction is finished, in 2023: until then, Nikola has partnered with Iveco to furnish a Tre lorry in Ulm, Germany.

Similarly, Nikola doesn’t indeed intend to make a Badger pickup itself either. “At this time,” a automaker wrote in a SEC S-1 filing progressing this month, “we are focused on a prolongation of a Class 8 heavy-duty vehicles and do not design to rise prolongation skeleton for a Badger unless we enter into a vital partnership with an determined OEM.”

Which OEM that competence be, Nikola isn’t saying. According to Milton, that information should be announced before a finish of a year, nonetheless it’s misleading possibly that understanding is in place nonetheless or otherwise.

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