JJ Abrams praises TV shows Fleabag, Atlanta

jj abrams jj abrams JJ Abrams surprised viewers of ScreenCraft Screenwriting Summit with his special appearance. (Bryan Derballa/The New York Times)

Filmmaker JJ Abrams has praised original TV shows Fleabag and Atlanta for their unique storytelling and something that Hollywood can learn from.

The filmmaker surprised viewers of ScreenCraft Screenwriting Summit with his special appearance. He attended the virtual summit just after his fellow Star Wars screenwriter Tony Gilroy finished his session on the craft of screenwriting.

The Lost creator spoke about the challenges of writing a screenplay and the golden age of television, reported IndieWire.

“It’s the Golden Age of television, as they call it, even though I don’t know what television really is anymore. That’s because huge chances are being taken. The talent that might not have gotten the chance otherwise suddenly have the opportunity. For me, when I watch a show like Atlanta,’ which takes the most spectacular risks in point of view, in genre, structure, and character… every story has been told, it’s kind of all been done before,” he said about the FX series.

“You see Fleabag’ and you’re like, well, yes, the fourth wall has been broken [before], but not like that. Yes, there have been amazing love stories, and stories of family, but not like that. What I love is the thing that makes you feel like, ‘Oh my god, this is so amazingly specific’.”

Abrams pointed out that streaming content had more originality than what was being offered by Hollywood at the moment.

“Hollywood used to be a place where something would happen, there’d be a movie where people would see it and think ‘Oh my god, that’s amazing. Here’s my answer to that,’ or ‘here’s my version,’” he said.

“Hollywood has become a place where, for the most part, studios say, ‘Oh my god, that’s amazing. Let’s do that literally again.’ And that’s OK, and I think that will continue, but I really hope that all the writers who are here and others in the guild are as excited as I am about this new opportunity with streaming platforms. How many different stories are going to be told? I’m hoping that features will follow, because I think people are responding so positively to original storytelling.”

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