Google Home update is exactly the news you’ve been waiting for

Known as Your News Update, the audio briefing will include a mixture of top headlines and smaller stories from across the globe that Google believes will interest you, based on the sort of things you read online, or ask the Google Assistant to look-up. The briefing will be refreshed each time you can the talkative assistant for a news update.

Google has partnered with a number of news organisations in the United States for the audio briefing, including The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and CBS Local.

Until now, Google Home devices have been able to play audio briefings of the news – but users have to select the outlet beforehand and prioritise the order in the Google Home app. So, you could have a daily briefing of BBC News, followed by Sky News. But Google wouldn’t make any editorial decision. When you ask for the news, the smart assistant would simply get the latest audio briefings from each of the outlets and then play them in your specified order.