For Jamie Dimon, retirement from JP Morgan is always 5 years away

For years, Jamie Dimon had a using joke: Ask him when he was going to step down from J.P. Morgan Chase, and a answer was always 5 years in a future, no matter when a doubt was asked.

But dual years ago, Dimon pronounced in a press recover that he would continue as CEO “for approximately 5 some-more years” as a bank allocated a span of co-presidents who could step in for him if needed.

Fast brazen to now: Dimon seemed uncommitted to that timing when CNBC asked him about it in a Tuesday media call.

“My matter stays a same, it’s 5 years,” Dimon said. “When and if we ever set an tangible retirement date, we’ll let we know.”

It’s distinct that Dimon, 63, doesn’t wish to consider about stepping down right now. He built J.P. Morgan into a biggest U.S. bank after a financial crisis, a industry’s 800 bruise chimpanzee opposite Main Street and Wall Street. The association is uninformed off the most essential year of any bank in history, and J.P. Morgan is now among a many richly valued of a large lenders after surging about 40% final year.

But one reason a bank done that Jan 2018 matter was to reduce fears that gifted deputies would leave in frustration, a critique given in a past. Dimon’s deputies have left on to lead banks and financial firms around a world, many recently during Wells Fargo.

A orator for J.P. Morgan pronounced that a bank’s house has a ultimate contend on when Dimon retires and remarkable that a 2018 matter was an approximation.

Meanwhile, Dimon’s opposition during Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, has pronounced that he wants to lead his organisation for as prolonged as possible, indicating to 89-year aged Warren Buffett during Berkshire Hathaway.

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