Bloomberg News will not examine Mike Bloomberg or his Democratic rivals during primary

With Mike Bloomberg strictly entering a 2020 Democratic presidential race, Bloomberg News will refrain from questioning him and his Democratic rivals, according to a memo sent to editorial and examine staff performed by CNBC.

“We will continue a tradition of not questioning Mike (and his family and substructure ) and we will extend a same process to his rivals in a Democratic primaries. We can't provide Mike’s approved competitors differently from him,” Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait pronounced in a memo, that was reliable by a spokesperson.

Mike Bloomberg is owners and 89% shareholder in Bloomberg LP, a financial program association that owns Bloomberg News

While a billionaire former New York mayor is using for president, Bloomberg News will tell or promulgate inquisitive work into Bloomberg and a other Democratic possibilities if done by “credible journalistic institutions,” pronounced Micklethwait.

Bloomberg News will cover a campaigns of a Democratic candidates, including Bloomberg’s. Micklethwait pronounced a opening will lift polls, talk a possibilities and lane their campaigns. A contributor has been reserved to follow Bloomberg’s campaign.

“We have already reserved a contributor to follow his debate (just as we did when Mike was in City Hall),” Micklethwait said. “And in a stories we write on a presidential contest, we will make transparent that a owners is now a candidate.”

Bloomberg News’ investigations into President Donald Trump will ensue undeterred.

“For a moment, a PI group will continue to examine a Trump administration, as a supervision of a day,” wrote Micklethwait.

If Bloomberg becomes a Democratic presidential claimant and Trump is a Republican candidate, a news classification will “reassess how to do that,” Micklethwait said.

Bloomberg is also suspending a house obliged for Bloomberg Opinion, “The place where Mike has had a many hit with Editorial,” wrote Micklethwait.

He pronounced David Shipley, Tim O’Brien and some members of a house obliged for those editorials will take a leave of deficiency to join Bloomberg’s campaign.

O’Brien has a story with Trump himself. He published a book patrician “TrumpNation” in a early 2000’s, where he claimed Trump was not a billionaire. Trump sued O’Brien shortly after a book was expelled yet a box was after dismissed. 

Columnists will continue to “speak for themselves” and take some op-ed articles from outsiders, yet not those on a election, pronounced Micklethwait.

In a apart memo from Mike Bloomberg to Bloomberg News employees on Sunday, a newly announced claimant pronounced that during his campaign, he will spin care of a association over to a government committee.

“This is not a initial time I’ve stepped divided to run for office. And like a final time, we have put in place an superb care group to take a reins.”