Black Friday 2019 scams: How to avoid fake deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Samani urged customers to meticulously check a deal before they hand over any information and never make any purchasing decisions in a rush.

He told “Black Friday is a minefield for shoppers and presents a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of unaware Brits. Bargain hunters need to think before they hand over their personal information to get the best deal, without being stung.

“Never feel panicked to get the best deal and take your time to make sure a site, email or app is legitimate before entering any personal information.

“Consumers should remember that if an advert for a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is – think before you click on a link to a discount. The same goes for emails and messages from retailers, even ones that you trust. Cybercriminals can easily design identical emails from the brands you recognise.

“If a great discount lands in your inbox, you are best off to check out the site directly rather than clicking on any links. This time last year, we saw may hackers targeting consumers through WhatsApp, suggesting cybercriminals are always finding different tactics to exploit the lack of security around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

In addition to advice from Samani, McAfee has also laid out five golden rules to help prevent you fall victim to cybercrime on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They are the following: