Birus-killing robot may be solve problem

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A technology company in the West End believes it may have the answer to tearing down the coronavirus in schools.

Safe Place Technologies has designed the Mobile Disinfection Robot to sweep through cafeterias, gymnasiums, classrooms and hallways with powerful UVC lights.

“UVC is blocked by the ozone layer, which is why UVC is germicidal in nature, so viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mold have not had the need to develop defense mechanisms against this because it’s never penetrated our atmosphere,” said sales and marketing director, Chris Proud.

It’s a device containing an internal GPS system and sensors to avoid any object, while having the ability to be programmed remotely by smartphone, iPads, tablets and laptops.

“You could do two cafeterias and two gymnasiums in four hours, which would take a lot longer if you were using manpower,” Proud said.

Safe Place Technologies says it has performed demonstrations for several school districts, all with proposals on the table for the high tech viral housekeeper.

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