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Behind a Scenes with Our Summer Interns
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Hands-on debate scholarship projects, programming, authorised analysis, and debate essay are only some of a things that FBI honors interns achieved this summer.

The FBI Honors Internship Program is a paid, 10-week summer knowledge that starts in mid-June and ends in mid-August any year. Undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students with during slightest a 3.0 GPA are placed in FBI groups formed on their skills. Once there, honors interns use their strengths to strengthen a American people and defend a Constitution of a United States.

The FBI hires interns with backgrounds in mechanism science, law, debate science, and other disciplines. Regardless of your college major, we can be deliberate for a mark in a internship. The internships are competitive—on average, 12,000 students request any year for only a few hundred slots. Some interns work out of FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and others are placed in offices around a country.

In further to completing a initial application, meddlesome students contingency also pass a full credentials investigation, that includes a drug exam and polygraph examination, to get a Top Secret confidence clearance.

The 2021 Honors Internship Program finished today. Students meddlesome in a FBI’s 2022 summer internship module can learn some-more and request during The focus duration is open from Sep 13 to Oct 17, 2021.

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